27. mar. 2016

Black Magic Specialist

Black Magic Specialist

Failure in business, scarcity of customers, hot exchange of wordings from customers, pain in body, domestic violence, desolate life, ruined life. These all are symptoms of black magic. But there is nothing to worry because Kamandli baba ji, a black magic specialist, have all the solutions to remove black magic.

The night of Deepawali which we call a bad night, it is mentioned in tantra shastra as a siddhiyani ratri.
In tantra shastra all powers like vashikaran, attraction, hyptonism and also bhervi siddhi, shamshan siddhi, kundla siddhi, and bhoot–ant comes under control by vashikaran. By vashikaran we can control all these powers in our hand under the guidance of a black magic expert.
To solve your problem, baba ji can see that there is some black magic (evil eye) on your body and that bad soul resides in you. So whenever any girl comes near to you she gets feared or tries to ignore you. Your sexual problem is also related to this black magic and there is a cure for it. If you have any financial problem then it will also get solved after removing this black magic. So it is very necessary for you to take some remedy as early as possible. Baba ji will antricly help you. You have to send your photo as well, so that it becomes easier for baba ji to remove it.
Black magic removal pooja will be done for 3 days, and after that, the person will be free from all kind of black magic and start to feel the change in life.
Kamandali Baba
Address:- Dadhichi Ashram, Har ki Pauri, Haridwar, Uttrakhand, India
Contact number :- +91 - 7042027433
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21. jan. 2014

Shamanism and magic

Shamanism and magic

The Chinese account Wajinden mentions that the people of Wa during a time of civil unrest had enthroned Himiko as their queen. Queen Himiko, records the Wajinden, was a shaman priestess who governed, controlled and captivated the minds and loyalties of her people through divine spiritualism, magic and sorcery.

She was shrouded in an air of secrecy, mystiscism and asceticism. Nobody saw her except the lone male servant who had access to her for the purpose of serving her meals and being her spokesman and messenger.  Wajinden recorded that 1,000 maids served her willingly.

Shamanism involves ecstasy and trances, and provides shamanic followers with a source of inspiration in times of need. Shamans have the roles of go-between mediums, revealing the will of the gods; as prophetesses, seers or readers of divine oracles; soothsayer, fortune teller, medicine man, procurers of good fortune and as such whose services were especially needed in times of wars, famines, and other social crises.

5. nov. 2013

Tarot Card

Tarot cards have been shuffled and are spread out below. There are 7 different Tarot spreads. Each spread can tell you something different about yourself. We feature a different spread each day of the week, so return each day to get you next reading.
You may also want to check out your numerology reading once you are finished. Today's spread is the Romany, tomorrow's is Horoscope. The 7 spreads include Thy Self, Romany, Horoscope, Celtic Cross, Horseshoe, Calendar, and Tree of Life.
Your spread is below, our interpretation of the cards is below that.

A reminder that this is a VERY brief summary of your spread. Typically the analysis of each card can be as long or longer then everything written below.
The Romany spread is used for reading your past present and future. The first line is your past, the second your present and the last your future.. There are 21 cards in this spread. If you place your mouse over any card you will be able to see the card position number and the name of the card delt there. This is what your spread means:

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Tarot Card Reading

14. okt. 2013

Magic Ritual

Magic Ritual

Let's start with ritual. I have a sacred place in my garden and I have an altar in my home. In my garden I have plants and herbs and a seat, several wind chimes and a birdbath. My altar is a table in the hall where I keep candles, gemstones, incense, a bell, my personal animal totem and usually fresh flowers. I add things in the garden and to the altar at certain times of the year. People who visit my home think I have a charmingly arranged table in the hall. In nice weather I often have tea with friends in my garden. Not all the people who come to my home know I do magic. It is not something I talk about to just anyone.

Enchanted intent

Intent is where I think very carefully about what I want or any changes I want in my life. Now this is very important. There must be a very clear picture of what I want. I must be able to know exactly how I want the change to come about. Let me give you an example of what I mean by intent. I am going to have a dinner party. I want everything to go well. I'm going to do a spell to insure everything is to my liking. Of course, I will also make a shopping list, clean the house and all the other things that go into having a dinner party. Now for the magic part; I will see in my mind each person who is going to attend smiling and having a good time. I will see food that is cooked to perfection, being put on the beautifully set table. In my mind I will go though every moment of the party, I will hear the laughter and music playing softly in the background. And, here is part of the repetition, I will do this several times, until I feel I have thought of everything.
Before I do the magic spell I will do more ritual to have a correct state of mind. I plan to do the magic spell on Sunday evening, for success, the party is the following Friday. Early on Sunday evening I will bath in lemon oil, for friendship and burn yellow candles for creativity. I will relax and clean myself from head to toe. Maybe I will sip a glass of wine thinking in a party mood.
Now I'm ready to perform the ritual of magic. I don't have a written magic spell for this ritual, but a written one could be used. In the afternoon I had cleaned my altar, selected small pink candles for friendship, taken my aquamarine and emerald, for calmness, harmony and love, from the bowl I keep my gemstones and put them on a gold silk cloth. Gold is Sunday's color and the color of creative and intellectual energy. I want good conversation at my dinner party. I had picked a bouquet of clover, for luck and kindness. I'm going to burn a stick of sandalwood incense for protection. I stand before my altar, clear my mind and ask the Powerful One to listen. I light the 2 pink candles, as I again see my dinner party. I do everything slowly and carefully. Still seeing the party I light the incense. I pass each gemstone though the smoke of the incense as I say:
My friends I ask that to my home you come
My friends I ask my food you to share
Fill next Friday with smiles and good talk
Fill our night with success and love
I thank the Powerful One.

The candles and incense will finish burning and then I will clean the altar.

Magic in everyday life

I used the example of the dinner party, so you can see magic is for everyday. Magic can be used for the minor as well as the major things in life. You can use a magic spell you have read or you can create a spell just for your use. The important thing is the ritual, intent, repetition and the correct state of mind. It is possible to learn the colors, gemstones, flowers and other things needed in the ritual, but without ritual, intent, repetition and the correct state of mind, there is little hope of performing magic.
Come on, you can do it, put a little magic in your life.

1. okt. 2013

Astrology & Psychology

Astrology, having existed for more than 3000 years, can consider itself to be the elder sister of psychology. Both disciplines concern themselves with the psyche. As with astrology, there are different branches and schools of psychology. Some prefer scientific approaches - if this is possible with the complexity of the human psyche - and others follow holistic or alternative concepts. These latter approaches often display parallels to astrology and combine easily with it. Among them is Carl Gustav Jung's Analytical Psychology.
His and other psychological schools will be introduced in the section Astrology and Psychology. We will attempt to highlight their similarities.
 Karin Hoffmann

21. jun. 2013

You Must Generate More Positive Than Negative Energy

This is the only way you will achieve your goals. The negative energy must be minimised, and the positive energy must be maximised. This will have tremendous and huge effects on your life in a very short space of time. To do this best, you must be able to identify what negative and positive energy is: otherwise you are just wandering in the dark not having a clue. Here are some examples of negative energy:

a) Eating the wrong foods (the energy from these foods is assimilated into your system)

For example, all manner of dairy produce, meat, chicken and fish are strong negative energy sources. Meat and chicken are produced in artificial environments where the animals experience a high degree of suffering and stress for their whole lives. This energy is what you are taking in when you consume these types of animal. Fish contains many toxins and is worse when farmed artificially. If you want to consume meat, chicken etc, make sure that they are bred and raised in natural environments. This is will minimise the negative energy you get from them. Otherwise, they are an absolute no-no. They must be avoided, and you would be much better off going vegetarian.

b) Verbal negative energy: criticising, complaining, being egotistical, judging etc

These are all negative energy, and will create a vortex of negative energy if its allowed to increase unabated. To minimise these, you must simply remain quiet. It is always better to be quiet and only ever say good things, than it is to say something bad. Plus, if you say something bad, this is exactly what is inside of you as well. Say good things, and you are assured to be full of goodness.

22. mar. 2013


Clairvoyant String Divination

Using the actual pendulum like a kind of clairvoyant divination is quite just like those of divining supports besides you are using just one palm to keep the actual string or whatever you are usually clenching to hold your pendulum about. Anything can be used any pendulum from the hook towards the very best gem. When you have made a decision to work with a pendulum as being a divine 占い 大阪 tool, you have to choose precisely what pendulum to work with. One of the first pendulums I can bear in mind using was obviously a filling device which was caught into a cork the top to the provide it with some bodyweight. The particular hook were built with a line inside and also this was utilized to keep that across the post to give the particular psychic response. First thing you do can be see how the particular pendulum insworking. Inquire it a couple of questions that you know the solutions to.

Items that can give you an easy good or bad and often you can even include perhaps in the picture. Jot down the particular replies you obtain. Will will be swing laterally with regard to indeed? After that compose that down. Will it group without? Jot it down. Also remember about what strength associated with golf swing you get. Figure out how to retain the line as well as chain using a regular palm. This is when the particular email part person occurs by means of. You don't want to guide the actual answers you obtain. Your levels of diverse pendulums available are truly stunning with assorted amazingly rocks occur a chain. They do not have to become high-priced or do they need to become specific products especially manufactured as being a 占い 大阪 device. One of the best and quite a few receptive pendulums I prefer might be a Kruger rand emerge a new precious metal environment.
It can be one of the better equipment I've within this array. The truth rates are large even though no divine is actually at any time 100% it typically provides me with a good Ninety five in order to 98% standing. When you begin performing the particular queries, understand that the particular inquiries have to be formatted in order that the pendulum can provide the 'Yes" as well as 'No' solution. It cannot offer you a response such as "Aunt Rachael would it". This really is something which is fantastic at the fun get together like a stork get together where you can inquire similar to could it be any child or perhaps that a girl. No matter what pendulum you have for your divine questions keep that within a particular place and constantly say thanks to it for the responses. This assists to help keep this in track with all the efforts. It may appear unusual such as the permit other people deal with that. It can be attuned to you personally and you also must keep other bands powers away from that or else you ought to re-attune that just before employ again.

Darlene Saxon produces for that clairvoyant & metaphysical business while offering simple fact dependent fair guidance and also overviews, to the email progression of humankind plus the faith based development.