8. jul. 2011

Psychic Angel can help you by illuminating your path to happiness.

Psychic ANGEL

Psychic Angel

Psychic Angel can help you by illuminating your path to happiness.

Angel is a Divinely inspired intuitive Channel for others to hear and receive the messages that Spirit wants to give. Joy, Openness and Love are her keys to connecting with the Angelic and Spiritual realm. She is a Lightworker - a healing earth Angel, here to bring love peace and harmony.

Angels warm and inviting personality, and fun and cheerful ways help you to relax and receive the information in the best way for you. As an Angel Intuitive Reader & Divine Healer she gives loving divine service to all.

Psychic Connections and Psychic Abilities

Angel utilises her Intuitive psychic abilities she has developed throughout her life and combines them with divine guidance she receives just for you. Angels services include:

  • Theta healing
  • Lovelife readings
  • Energy - Aura healing
  • Life purpose & Direction
  • Angel Messages
  • Dream interpretations
  • Tarot cards
  • Healing cards
  • Career-work-finances
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Emotional trauma healing
  • House/Business healings
  • Transformational healing
  • Personal growth tools
  • Energy readings
  • Healing Meditations
  • Spiritual healing
  • Relationship healing
  • Ho'oponopono-Hawaiian healing
  • Spiritual counselling

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