14. okt. 2013

Magic Ritual

Magic Ritual

Let's start with ritual. I have a sacred place in my garden and I have an altar in my home. In my garden I have plants and herbs and a seat, several wind chimes and a birdbath. My altar is a table in the hall where I keep candles, gemstones, incense, a bell, my personal animal totem and usually fresh flowers. I add things in the garden and to the altar at certain times of the year. People who visit my home think I have a charmingly arranged table in the hall. In nice weather I often have tea with friends in my garden. Not all the people who come to my home know I do magic. It is not something I talk about to just anyone.

Enchanted intent

Intent is where I think very carefully about what I want or any changes I want in my life. Now this is very important. There must be a very clear picture of what I want. I must be able to know exactly how I want the change to come about. Let me give you an example of what I mean by intent. I am going to have a dinner party. I want everything to go well. I'm going to do a spell to insure everything is to my liking. Of course, I will also make a shopping list, clean the house and all the other things that go into having a dinner party. Now for the magic part; I will see in my mind each person who is going to attend smiling and having a good time. I will see food that is cooked to perfection, being put on the beautifully set table. In my mind I will go though every moment of the party, I will hear the laughter and music playing softly in the background. And, here is part of the repetition, I will do this several times, until I feel I have thought of everything.
Before I do the magic spell I will do more ritual to have a correct state of mind. I plan to do the magic spell on Sunday evening, for success, the party is the following Friday. Early on Sunday evening I will bath in lemon oil, for friendship and burn yellow candles for creativity. I will relax and clean myself from head to toe. Maybe I will sip a glass of wine thinking in a party mood.
Now I'm ready to perform the ritual of magic. I don't have a written magic spell for this ritual, but a written one could be used. In the afternoon I had cleaned my altar, selected small pink candles for friendship, taken my aquamarine and emerald, for calmness, harmony and love, from the bowl I keep my gemstones and put them on a gold silk cloth. Gold is Sunday's color and the color of creative and intellectual energy. I want good conversation at my dinner party. I had picked a bouquet of clover, for luck and kindness. I'm going to burn a stick of sandalwood incense for protection. I stand before my altar, clear my mind and ask the Powerful One to listen. I light the 2 pink candles, as I again see my dinner party. I do everything slowly and carefully. Still seeing the party I light the incense. I pass each gemstone though the smoke of the incense as I say:
My friends I ask that to my home you come
My friends I ask my food you to share
Fill next Friday with smiles and good talk
Fill our night with success and love
I thank the Powerful One.

The candles and incense will finish burning and then I will clean the altar.

Magic in everyday life

I used the example of the dinner party, so you can see magic is for everyday. Magic can be used for the minor as well as the major things in life. You can use a magic spell you have read or you can create a spell just for your use. The important thing is the ritual, intent, repetition and the correct state of mind. It is possible to learn the colors, gemstones, flowers and other things needed in the ritual, but without ritual, intent, repetition and the correct state of mind, there is little hope of performing magic.
Come on, you can do it, put a little magic in your life.

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