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ust as important as the act of an exorcism itself, is the ability to identify and neutralize spells, curses and negative thought forms. An extreme negative thought-form focused with a specific outcome can be classified as a curse or a spell.
Negative energies (spells and curses) are often challenging to detect. Identification of the source can be more difficult. Such energies often affect the individual in the same way as a negative-possessive spirit. When an individual is released or cleared of a possessing entity, yet the individual continues to display some of the characteristics listed herein as being ‘possessed’, we then look for a spell or curse. Once the source of the spell or curse is found, the effect on the individual can be completely eliminated.
“Given the possibility of these negative influences, the next problem is to detect them and then clear them. Detection of the presence of negative energies can be accomplished in different ways, depending upon individual skills. Some people are able to see or visualize them; some can sense their presence. Some can detect and ‘measure’ them by dowsing with a pendulum. There may be other methods. In any event, it is desirable when dealing with this problem to be able to define what the negative influences are, how many are present, and the relative intensity of their influence on the conscious and subconscious aspects of personality.”
Body, Mind and Spirit, Dr. Edward Jastram (p.239)

If we use good to fight bad, we cause these energies to collide and create chaos. These forces will need something or someone to change forms onto. Etheric duality knows how to be different and will battle to the death. Each one has to overcome the other energy or it will be consumed by that opposite.
Whoever is facilitating the healing process will have to bring balance by either using themselves as a battleground, or allowing both of these energies to flow through them. When the facilitator gives no credibility or energy to either of the dualities, there can be no reaction for the healer.
It is only our fears or ideas that keep this energy going, or allows negative or positive energy to hold form. Being One with all energy is very challenging. Not having ideas and beliefs is almost impossible. It is only after one has been exposed to or had experience dealing with all kinds of dualities that one truly believes that energetics can change when we let go of the form that the energy has known by those ideas and beliefs throughout history. Being One with everything and separate from nothing, then nothing can or will react to me. 

Most of the time when a person in the healing arts finally figures this out, they have been so badly hurt they can no longer help others. That is normally between three to five years. The healer’s nervous system will be damaged by the amount of energy they have been running through their systems. Their own inward battle then went on to transfer the energy in their own physical body.

Compassion is the key. Experience is the only way to achieve the level of compassion needed to transform all old beliefs and the collective consciousness back into clear light.

Do you know that at any given time, there is a minimum of three possible realities that could be playing out in our existence? If someone tells us our future looks a certain way, ask what the other realities look like. When we consult a psychic or intuitive, we need to remember that all the psychic or intuitive can read or see is the one reality that we are giving the most energy to - the one that has the most charge and color. If we change our ideas, or put our focus on another reality, our future will change. We do not need to fully accept what any other individual says about our future. It is only their truth based upon our energy at that moment. Our free will and choice of creation in that future can change the energetics and the dynamics and thus, the reality of what will exist in our lifetime. If we are told something detrimental about our future, or told that there is curse or demonic energy causing negativity, we ought to ask that person for a way to easily change our vibration or energy to change the outcome of our future. These easy techniques are found in Section Two. It is the responsibility of each of us to speak and act responsibility when providing information to another person. Tools and information to assist us in changing our future are free.

These two questions represent the most intrinsic and basic belief we must have as human beings living on this planet. Am I One with all that exists in creation, or am I separate? Am I a Creator or am I a victim.
If we accept that we are One, then we have to become One with everything. Unfortunately, there are many dynamics on this planet that we do not want to be ‘one’ with. Without changing our vibration, we can not see or even realize the unlimited choices we have in every circumstance and situation. If we accept that we are a Creator, then we can no longer blame any other person for the circumstances or choices in our life. We also can not save another Creator. We can only help them to realize choices they may not have seen before. Why couldn’t this work for the world? This may be a big reality for some individuals. The world is trapped in its own beliefs - each culture, country, religion, society, group and organization have their own ideas and beliefs. Each of us have our own unique vibration. Many of us can not see or feel any way out of the space we are in and surely can not accept that we alone have created that space and are responsible for our own creation! So, nothing works, and we feel trapped, hopeless… 

There is so much ‘out there’ that we do not want to experience or accept. We do not want to feel or be a part of about 85% of what exists on earth: war, hate, anger, greed, control; all kinds of projections. So the million dollar question is: If we are separate from one thing, are we separate from everything? Either we are One with everything or we are separate. What is challenging today is that even the majority of metaphysical teachings recommend some form of energetic protection – seeking or asking for help outside of ourself. Almost all religions and cultures of different philosophies suggest that some being outside of us can fix or save us or give us our answers. Our experience shows that many teachers and spiritual or religious groups actually do not want us to be One with everything. It is what the mystery schools did not want us to know about or to practice. It was the greatest secret. There is a great power in the balance of Oneness. When we reach Oneness, no one can ever control or affect us. We are invisible to any type of projections from other people. All belief structures contain the same word: responsibility. If something or someone else can step in and save us, then personal responsibility does not apply.

So, is everything a part of us? Or, are we separate from everyone and everything around us? How can we be One if we have any ideas, beliefs or judgments about anyone or anything outside of ourself? The challenge we believe everyone has with ideas, beliefs and judgments is that we have used these feelings to identify who we are, and who we are not. Many individuals function from the knowing of what they no longer want in their life. They aren’t quite sure what it is they DO want, they just know what they DON’T want. This causes feelings of separation. By only looking at what is no longer wanted, we can become stuck – unable to create anything new; fearful that each new creation will only bring more of the past and more of what is not wanted. That causes the person to become frozen, trapped – helpless to move forward. What then, is the entire human consciousness of the planet feeling? Mankind continues to create based upon what we know we do NOT want rather than what we DO want in our hearts.
Question: When we are One with all creation, are we One with Source? Pretty easy, right? Wrong. Here come our ideas again about Source, angels, guides, masters, violet flame protection, spiritual beings, anything outside of us - any fears or illusions will cause a problem. If we give these thoughts or ideas any energy, we will continue to attract people who will reflect these patterns or issues.
In fact, we energetically attract to us everything we choose to separate from ourself. Our attempt to separate ourself from those feelings or energies and they will surely follow us around like a magnet. We are the one providing for that idea to maintain itself. That’s how we all evolve on a soul level. Creator does not separate itself from creation.
Are we afraid to be One because we will lose our identity, or our ‘who’ we are? Is there a need to have our separate identity? When we are One, does that mean we no longer have any individual importance? Is that the fear that creates the separation? Is that the truth that maintains the idea of individuality vs. Oneness? When we are One - nothing will be attracted to us because we do not reflect any energy back to others. When we are One, we move through all energies as if invisible; no individual essence but the combination of all essences in One. 

So if I believe I am One, then the creator or creative energy sees and feels me as a perfect reflection of itself. I have the base vibration for the next dimension or vibration that acts as a catalyst for dimensional change. You believing you are One – You can be the creative catalyst for dimensional change. You can make the difference in the evolutionary change on this planet.

Oneness feels like a quiet ‘empty’ state where nothing exists. That space is so foreign to our senses, our mind immediately attempts to create something, and so our old fears and ideas rush in – filling this empty space, comforting our knowledge that we are in control. We feel more in control when there is separation. In actuality however, the more you attempt to control, the greater the separation and the larger the illusion of control. Control is the often the last illusion one can allow to be released. For much of our lives, we have felt that ‘losing control’ is not a good thing and so we remain in control, only to continue our separation from others and from Creator. Controlling everything – creating nothing new.
We have given a lot of energy to old ideas, beliefs and judgments. We hold onto them far too long. If we don’t allow our ideas to flow into creative energy, they cause chaos either within or around us. The more ideas we have - the bigger the problem we can create. Problems begin by giving energy to an idea, then holding onto that idea until something or someone has to give. It usually affects ourselves. So, how do we release or let go of our ideas and those patterns we have so carefully constructed our whole lives? Perhaps it is more a softening of these thoughts and energetics. By allowing and creating the room (space) for other thoughts to enter, it changes our hard-line perception and creates a newer reality; providing an opportunity for greater awareness, healthier balance and a broader vision of Oneness. Perhaps it is in the ‘letting go’ that we allow ourselves to accept the unlimited potential of all that IS. Perhaps it is by allowing ourselves to relax our tight grip or stranglehold on our fears that we can finally feel the truth of Oneness, the inescapable reality that there is no separation - that I AM truly One, with all there is. I Am Creator.
We can help guide those individuals who feel stuck or trapped into new possibilities and choices. We can help then detect and then change the negative energetics in their lives. That’s what one Creator shares with another - the opportunity to choose. We are not responsible for the choices of others. We are only responsible to help them to create a space within which they can create their own choices.

There are many of us that are affected by negative energy in our homes or at work. Here are some helpful guidance techniques that will work with these kinds of problems:
1) Negative people in our home or neighborhood, i.e: people who smoke, use drugs, 
alcoholic abusers, highly emotional or using chaotic sexual energy:

a) Family around us that are negative;
b) Co-workers who are negative;
c) Our work or business is negative - such as high pressure situations;
d) Working in a place of high emotional hostility, such as fire, police, medical
department, rest home, prison, even a high school. Any business that deals with 
money or where there are fears, worries, pain, suffering individuals, extreme anger 
(that gives you a pretty good idea).

We bring this energy home with us each day, even if we use the clearing techniques (see Section Two). This type of energy can be picked up on our clothes, leather articles, jewelry, our hair.
There is a need to know what is going on in our community, church, store, school and anything that could be affecting the neighborhood, such as jobs lost, closing of businesses, hard culture, crime, poverty. These situations can create a lot of projections that may be placed upon what we might own, or who we are. Are there individuals who might be jealous? Do you own a business and have a lot of people you are supervising? The projections of other people have energy. This energy can affect our home or the area in which we live.
Look also at power lines, transformers or other high energy conductors that may be around the home. Are there creeks or cemeteries that could hold certain kinds of energy? Is there an airport where planes are flying overhead? Big cities will be more challenging than an area that is away from a dense or high population.
Whatever energy we have in our home will be attracted to us. There is a fine line that ought to be addressed. For example, if there is a teenager living in the house who often has a lot of sexual thoughts, their room can hold energy that may overlap into other spaces. The energy of their school, classmates or friends may also be encroaching outside of their own space. Old energy patterns can be affecting anyone else living in our homes, apartments or surrounding areas.
People who are sick or not feeling well and living or staying with us also affect the energy of our home. The energy of the weather, holidays, the full moon, going back to school, negative or scary television - all can have an effect on us.
There are things and areas in our home that can hold energy - furniture (old and antique or furniture given to us by someone else), photographs or even pictures; areas that need cleaning, or areas in which we stack old records, old books, junk; bedding or old pillows, mattresses that are old. All these items and areas can easily be cleared by cleaning and moving items around, getting rid of clutter, putting mattresses in plastic zippered cases. If an individual or an animal dies in the home, either thoroughly wash or throw away their bedding. Feather pillows and bedding especially can hold energy - forever.
One thing we can agree on: If we are clearing ourself, our home, our business and are aware of the dynamics around us, the energy around us can change and not build up in our homes. We want to keep energy flowing through our living spaces. The older the energy, or the more ‘stuck’ the energy, the easier it will be for us to be affected.
There are several other ways to clear the areas in our home and work environments:
1) Wash rugs and thoroughly clean the furniture and drapery;
2) Painting the walls can and does effectively work to clear energy;
3) Moving furniture to different spots in the same room (even inches can make a difference);
4) Mirrors, even small ones, can be placed on window sills;
5) Cleaning and straightening areas that are cluttered or have not been cleaned in the last year;
6) Clean crystals and stones at least every month - clean the crystals in offices each week;
7) Have plants and things that are alive - they help with balancing energy in the area;
8) Clean jewelry each day that you wear it; Also clean your glasses;
9) Not wearing jewelry that does not make you feel good, for example, not wearing your
mother’s wedding ring without cleaning it first;
10) The sound and the vibration of music help to move energy;
11) Simple ways of using feng shui techniques are also good.

If we have been in a relationship or there has been a person sharing our space and that relationship has ended:

1) Move the furniture around in the bedroom;
2) Change or clean the bedding and change or replace the pillows;
3) Put mirrors up on the walls or on the window sills;
4) Paint at least one wall.

By using these simple guides, if the person who shared your space is still thinking or fantasizing over you, your bedroom will not be affected by their projections. These small changes can free up old energy. It can therefore not hold any projection. The same steps can be used and applied to any other rooms in the home.
If we live in an apartment and there are people who live below or on either side, it is helpful to use a 12” x 12” mirror. Face the mirror towards the wall, perhaps behind a dresser or other piece of furniture on the wall between apartments. A mirror can also be put under the bed, facing down. Aluminum or anything with a reflective surface can be used if there is not a mirror. Anything that will reflect energy or projections back to their source or away. When clearing the space in our home, we must only go to the walls. Going beyond the walls of our apartment, our space, is invading the space of someone else.
Having a space that is safe is the most important - a space that is yours in which nothing can be moved and no one can enter without permission. This space is a place where you can be unconditional with yourself and rest completely.
Remember, anything that is going on in our home is affecting us. Watching how energy affects us is very important. Learn to control stress levels for this is where negative energy can invade. Always exercise moderation when using things that are not really good - such as drinking, drugs, smoking. These are tools, not vices. Be mindful of addictions, even to food. Enjoy completely what you are doing so there is no need to over-do anything. Look for other ways of balancing bad habits without getting angry with yourself or judging. Addictive energy extends to people and things - anything that represents our past and causes high emotion. Do the best to keep your emotions even, not real high and not real low. When we feel like we are ‘losing it’, we ought to get physical. This will help to quiet the mind.
Individuals who judge us try to hold us energetically in their own ideas or fears. It may be that certain relationships causing high stress may need to be changed. If we are feeling bad around someone, we must consider changing that relationship. Denial will only cause more problems.
Most of us also agree that money can be a large challenge in our life. It is hard to change if we feel trapped or we are in a situation that causes us a great deal of stress. The most important thing is for us to feel physically safe - that is Number One.
After changing the external energy so it can not hurt us, then we can work on the emotional energy.
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